Aubrey Edwards, despite experiencing criticism from some fans, has become one of the most popular referees in all of AEW. She always brings her unique personality to each match she referees. She has her fair share of critics, and it seems she decided to fire back at some of them recently.

Aubrey Edwards has been a part of AEW since its inception, serving as the referee for the inaugural AEW World Championship match in 2019. Notably, she holds a special place in Chris Jericho’s heart as his preferred referee. Nonetheless, some viewers have observed that she can be a source of distraction during AEW matches.

While speaking on The Sessions with Renée Paquette, Aubrey Edwards was questioned about fans’ perceptions that she is attempting to take on a character in the ring, rather than solely performing the duties of a referee.

According to Aubrey Edwards, when she initially noticed fans commenting on her performance, she had a feeling that some would criticize her merely because she is a woman. Nevertheless, she is unfazed by this and is skilled at ignoring irrelevant criticism. She prioritizes listening to constructive feedback instead.


“I think when it first started happening, it was obviously something that I’m just like, ‘Oh Twitter eventually is going to hate me because I’m a woman.’ So that’s going to just happen and I’m really good about not listening to criticism that doesn’t matter. I listen to constructive criticism. That’s sort of where I’ve been focused.”

If Jericho is putting me in a match, and he’s shoving me, and then wants me to shove him back, I’m going to do it because it’s ultimately not my decision. It’s his decision because it’s his story and I’m there to help elevate the story that he’s telling. So, it’s not like I tried to be a character, it was just sort of like, they figured out that I have a very go-getter personality and very no-nonsense, and as people picked me in matches, they’re like, ‘Oh, well, if I shove her, I get a lot of heat for that, so let’s do that.’ Cool, great, and it just sort of happened naturally, but it was never something I intended. It was just something that happened because the wrestlers asked me to do things in matches, and I do them.”

Aubrey Edwards also has a history in the video game world. This allowed her to help out with the company’s video game division, taking part in producing their app games and the company’s upcoming console offering.

Aubrey Edwards is still one of the fan-favorite referees in the company. However, some fans do agree she should tone it down in the ring and not become a distraction during matches. We’ll have to see if she will end up doing that eventually.

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Subhojeet Mukherjee

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