Brock Lesnar’s career in WWE has long history of detestation behind it. He has made a ton of money from Vince McMahon’s company, but everything good must come to an end. A recent report painted a very clear picture that the Beast Incarnate might be moving on soon enough.

PW Insider reported behind their paywall that Brock Lesnar was saying goodbye to some people during his last WWE appearance on RAW. It was said that he is “finishing up” with the company.

A source for the outlet also noted that Brock Lesnar was not “necessarily” done with WWE at WrestleMania, but this was a very interesting thing for Lesnar to do backstage. Brock Lesnar’s contracts are usually kept very close to the vest, but they also typically run out around WrestleMania season.

It’s unclear if this is an indication that Brock Lesnar is retiring from pro wrestling, either. Only time will tell what Brock Lesnar does next, because Brock Lesnar will continue doing what he wants to do.


Brock Lesnar made his WWE debut in 2002 and quickly became a dominant force in the ring, winning the WWE Championship within just a few months. Known for his impressive size and strength, as well as his intense fighting style, Lesnar was a formidable opponent for anyone who stepped into the ring with him. He quickly became a fan favorite, and his success in the ring made him one of the biggest stars in WWE.

Lesnar’s WWE career was marked by a number of high-profile feuds and matches. Perhaps the most memorable of these was his rivalry with The Undertaker, which culminated in a match at WrestleMania XXX in which Lesnar ended The Undertaker’s legendary undefeated streak. Lesnar also had a memorable feud with John Cena, which saw him win the WWE Championship at SummerSlam 2014 in dominant fashion. Lesnar’s rivalry with Roman Reigns also provided many memorable moments, including a match at WrestleMania 34 in which Lesnar lost the Universal Championship to Reigns.

Despite his many successes in WWE, Lesnar has also had his fair share of controversies. He left WWE in 2004 to pursue a career in the NFL, and later made the move to mixed martial arts, where he became the UFC Heavyweight Champion. He returned to WWE in 2012, but his part-time schedule and high salary led to criticism from some fans and wrestlers.

Brock Lesnar’s departure from WWE possibly seems imminent. While his career in WWE has had its share of controversies, there is no denying the impact that he has had on the industry.

Brock Lesnar’s impressive size and strength, combined with his intense fighting style, made him one of the most formidable wrestlers in WWE history. His feuds with The Undertaker, John Cena, and Roman Reigns are some of the most memorable in WWE history. Whether Lesnar retires from pro wrestling or moves on to other endeavors, his legacy as one of the biggest stars in WWE history is secure.

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