Dax Harwood was in a dark place following his match with The Young Bucks at AEW Full Gear 2020. He couldn’t enjoy the match due to the tension between himself and The Young Bucks, which negatively affected his relationship with both The Jacksons and AEW President Tony Khan. An unfortunate incident in Harwood’s personal life caused him to become bitter toward the world.

On the latest episode of his podcast, “FTR with Dax,” Dax Harwood revealed that it was a miscarriage with his wife four and a half years ago when some of his bitterness towards the world kind of began. His conflict with Tony Khan kicked off around the Full Gear pay-per-view in 2020.

Although Dax Harwood now blames himself for the deteriorating relationship, he was deeply upset because there was no “follow-up match” following FTR’s match with The Young Bucks at Full Gear. Harwood’s emotions got the better of him and he felt lied to.

“It felt like we were the backdrop. I felt that the company was — everything that he had been promised, you know I think I told you this when we were talking about our debut when we come in we were promised that the tag division was going to be built around these two teams and I felt that it wasn’t being built around us. I felt that we were lied to at the time. I felt that we were being lied to and I think that my relationship with Tony got even more strained. I felt that the relationship with the Bucks completely deteriorated because of that. Look dude, I’m here right now on this podcast, telling you and the world that I take the blame for that. I take the blame for it because I shouldn’t have taken wrestling so seriously.”

Dax Harwood stated that Tony Khan is now one of his “closet buds,” though he didn’t want to dabble with his current relationship with Matt and Nick Jackson. Despite the past bitterness, Harwood still acknowledged the importance of The Young Bucks in tag team wrestling, saying “tag team wrestling owes them a lot.”

The Young Bucks are widely considered the most successful tag team in the history of pro wrestling. From their days in New Japan Pro Wrestling to their current reigns as AEW World Tag Team Champions, Matt and Nick Jackson have consistently been a force to be reckoned with.

It is to be noted that Dax Harwood did not mention anything about a potential reconciliation between himself and The Young Bucks. It remains to be seen in which direction their relationship heads in the near future.

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