Arn Anderson has been an amazing wrestler, and now he is doing great as a manager. Throughout the years, he has collaborated with a number of superstars, including Cody Rhodes. Arn has now talked about how Cody came up in the world of wrestling.

Arn recently spoke with Steve Fall in an exclusive interview and talked about the above things. During the conversation, he also revealed that his son, Brock Anderson, has a big career decision to make in a few months.

Arn Anderson talked to Cody after his recent Royal Rumble Win. He knew Cody from day one, and has always been a supporter. Double A was always there for him since the day he set foot in this company. The Enforcer also mentioned having great ties with Cody Rhodes’ family, which has also helped them establish a great relationship.

“Yeah, we have. I was with Cody from day one, the first time he walked in one of the buildings and was looking around. He was still in high school. I have a rich history with his family, certainly his father and his brother. When the decision was being made to leave, there was gonna be a lot of backlash and a lot of different opinions, but here’s the way that thing was based. In this business, wrestlers are always changing companies all the time. It’s the history.”

Leaving AEW was certainly one of the biggest decisions of Cody Rhodes’ career. Arn Anderson said that there were multiple criticisms and questions thrown at Cody for such a decision. In an industry where wrestlers change companies all the time, it all comes down to the history of the franchise.

Tony Khan was disappointed with Cody leaving AEW, and Arn Anderson believes that he still supported his decision. Anderson deems Khan a great person who always has an eye for talent. Cody and Tony were friends and even while parting ways, there were no ill feelings between the two.

“There’s no ill feelings. We’re all friends. All the talent are friends, not all, but a lot of us are friends. The fact that we work for rival companies, you know, that’s just the way it is. Everybody can’t work for the same company. I think a lot of Cody. I think he’s going to do wonders for their company. I’m so happy for the success that he’s enjoying. He’s going to make them glad they got him and I’m sure there’s a lot of days we’re gonna wish we still had him. He’s A-class talent, that’s for sure.”

Arn Anderson made his AEW debut at the 2019 All Out pay-per-view. He helped Cody Rhodes defeat Shawn Spears. Since then, he has not only been Cody’s personal advisor and highly esteemed manager in AEW.

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