The Four Horsemen are widely considered one of the greatest stables of all time. The group dominated the territories during the golden years of pro wrestling. The final incarnation of the stable disbanded in 1999.

For year, fans have been hoping for a possible reincarnation of the legendary stable. Arn Anderson, who was part of the original Horsemen, secured the rights to the stable earlier this year, hinting at the arrival of a new generation of the Horsemen.

The WWE Hall of Famer was asked about the possibility of a new Horsemen stable to emerge in the foreseeable future by a fan during the latest episode of Ask Me Anything podcast, to which he replied that he would love to see Tessa Blanchard and Brian Pillman Jr. as part of the potential resurgence.

“Well, obviously at some point and some time, I would sure love to see one more successful run by the Four Horsemen renamed. I do own the trademark, which you know, was not easy to acquire and pretty expensive. But our buddy Mike Dawkins made that possible, so not only do Brock and I own our names, we own the Horsemen deal. Brian [Pillman Jr] has a lot of potential. I’m still trying to figure Brian out. That was talked about after the successful outing they had at Starrcast, they had a good match. I think that there’s a possibility that something like that could happen. I think Tessa Blanchard, from what I’ve seen in the past, has a lot of talent. That’s for sure. [She] has a great look, not sure what’s going on with her inner business these days or what her goals are. I don’t know Tessa like that, it’s been a casual crossing of paths maybe three or four times. It’s something to think about definitely.”

For those wondering, Arn Anderson was present ringside for his son Brock Anderson and Brian Pillman Jr’s tag team match as part of “Ric Flair’s Final Match” at Starrcast earlier in the summer.

Would you like to see a new version of The Four Horsemen on the wrestling map? Sound off in the comments!

Manik Aftab

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