Arn Anderson was a member of the legendary 4 Horsemen faction, and he gave up his body for years, so pro wrestling fans had an entertaining program to watch. Now in his advanced age of 64-years-old, he is suffering from some of the consequences of his in-ring career.

During a recent episode of the ARN podcast, Arn Anderson explained the physical ramifications of the career-ending injury and subsequent surgery that he had to endure. He had a left posterior laminectomy of the 3rd, 4th, and 5th cervical bones and a fusion of the 7th cervical and 1st thoracic bones. Obviously, life wasn’t the same for him after that.

“Throw a baseball. Throw a frisbee. Go to a batting cage, hit some baseballs. Anything normal. People don’t understand when you’re left-handed, and that hand is suddenly paralyzed at the age I was, at thirty-seven, you can’t teach yourself how to write right-handed at that advanced age. You pull through a drive-thru, you roll down the window; you can’t just reach out and grab the cup. I can’t hold it. I have to take off the seat belt, reach across me, get it, bring it back in, set it down.

I can’t do a button on this side. Can’t do a button on a shirt. I have to button it, slip it over my head. Day to day things that you would never think about, I can’t do anymore. I used to love to get my boys out in the backyard and just pitch a baseball. Done.”


When it comes to signing autographs with his left hand, The Enforcer has his own system. “I literally have to put the pen in there and brace it pretty good,” Arn Anderson explained. “Thank God, the fans are kind and considerate enough and they’re accepting of that. It’s like a doctor’s autograph, we’re allowed to get away with it. They got shitty handwriting, so do we. Hey, don’t feel sorry for me. I continue to lead a very enchanted life.”

We’ll have to see where Arn Anderson appears next. He hasn’t been a major player in AEW since Cody Rhodes left, but you can never say never about his career being over, because he still seems motivated to do as much as he can.

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Felix Upton

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