Michelle McCool is regarded as one of the pioneers of women’s wrestling, who paved the way for today’s superstars to claim opportunities that she and the locker room back then did not get. The Flawless superstar recently competed in the Royal Rumble match, after initially not being called to participate. However, McCool clarified that it was the WWE Universe who helped her get that opportunity. She also didn’t have a lot of time to get ready for the Royal Rumble.

The desire to see Michelle McCool compete in the Women’s Royal Rumble was simmering in the wrestling community. This topic came to the attention of McCool herself, who revealed that she was not invited to participate in the match, despite living close to the Royal Rumble venue.

The WWE Universe was not going to sit back and let the company go ahead with its plans. After Michelle McCool revealed that she was not approached, the fans went wild on social media, demanding Triple H and the management to insert McCool in the match.

Michelle McCool was spotted in the audience with her daughter for the Royal Rumble. While she was not dressed in her ring gear, this led to fans believing that their efforts did not amount to anything.

All that changed the moment Michelle McCool’s theme song hit during the Royal Rumble match and the Flawless superstar got out of her seat and jumped the barricade to compete in her Uugs. Michelle McCool took to Twitter to thank the fans for their support and clarified that it was because of their effort that she got the opportunity, while initially she wasn’t invited.

“Real talk….thank YOU @WWEUniverse !Y’all legit did this and I love you for it!I’ve never felt so loved💙Because of y’alls messages to @wwe & @TripleH the last 2 weeks, I got the call…9 days before the Rumble(I wasn’t lying when I told y’all I hadn’t gotten the call yet)🤣💙.”

Michelle McCool lasted nearly 13 minutes in the Women’s Royal Rumble, only to be eliminated by the winner of the 30-woman over-the-top-rope melee, Rhea Ripley. It looks like McCool still has the tremendous support of the fans even today, and we could see her compete in a full-fledged one-on-one singles match in the near future.

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