WWE drafts make up the list of the most surprising matchups in the company. In the last three years, the company has implemented roster shakeups quite frequently. Now one of WWE’s former writers, Chris Dunn, has explained how the creative teams work on the brand drafts.

Chris Dunn said that he’s been a part of all of its recent roster changes in WWE. He portrays them to be very immaculate in structure, as it is planned months in advance every year. The highest levels of conversations take place in the meetings which decide the bouts for the following year.

There’s a fixed process that is usually followed while making the draft. One can pick their top man and woman from each brand and then pick their opponents for the year. The first match-ups are decided initially, and then the rest of the roster gets mapped eventually. Of course, this process can vary on a yearly basis.

“Ever year I was there, it completely varied. It’s like those are the highest-level of conversations. Now, there have been ones where it’s been planned out months in advance. There have been ones that change even the day of. But usually, this is how you want to do it — you pick your top man and woman from each brand and then you pick their opponents for the year. Like, what are fresh matches? And kind of go from there.”

Chris Dunn cited Roman Reigns and Charlotte Flair as outstanding athletes that creative can build a brand around. The entire cast thrives when those stars are successful and take part in interesting stories.

The creative team wants to get ahead of the game as much as possible. Amid this spiderweb of plans, some of the storylines might get complicated. To counter this, the team makes necessary adjustments and trade plans to make things right.

We have seen time and time again people going back and forth from RAW to Smackdown and vice versa. This can also create confusion among fans, therefore frequent changes to the drafts are discouraged. You may check out the entire podcast of “Behind Enemy Lines” here.

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