Vince McMahon’s return to WWE could bring lot of changes as the company prepares for a sale. We might not go very long until Vince McMahon makes a return to television as well, if new rumors are to be believed.

A report went out from Xero News saying, “Big News Imminent Within the next 2 weeks anyways.” This vague tweet was deciphered by Sean Sapp, who tweeted out to let fans know exactly what Xero News meant with their cryptic tweet.

Hes implying WWE will announce Vince to appear at the Rumble by the way. Again, no indication its happening, but that’s what he means.

Sean Sapp went on to state that, “Again. I’m not reporting this.” It seems that Mr. McMahon’s appearance at the 2023 Royal Rumble event isn’t confirmed, but it is certainly a possibility.


The fact is that Vince McMahon could have executed this takeover at any time he wanted to. Despite McMahon’s return, Triple H will continue in his new role as leader of the company’s creative direction, for now.

Vince McMahon was always the majority shareholder, and that means he had full veto power, including the ability to do just about whatever he wanted. Now that he is Chairman of the Board of Directors once again, there’s nothing stopping him.

What’s your take on this situation with Vince McMahon’s WWE return? Sound off in the comments!

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