Kurt Angle is one of the greatest legends in the wrestling business, having competed all over the world. The majority of his in-ring career has seen him sporting bald look, something his kids question every now and then. The WWE Hall of Famer recently decided to respond on the subject of growing his hair back again.

Kurt Angle did have hair when he entered WWE, debuting at Survivor Series in 1999. He was involved in a heated feud with Edge in 2002, which saw Angle lose a ‘Hair vs Hair’ match against the Rated-R superstar and his hair was shaved bald. Since then, Angle has maintained his look with no hair.

Kurt Angle recently posted a photo on Instagram with his daughter, who drew a picture of him on her tablet. He further elaborated that his kids continuously bug him for growing back his hair, and Angle explained that he would grow it back if he could.

“My daughter Nikoketta made a picture of me on her iPad during our vacation in Florida. They always ask the same question, why don’t you grow your hair back dad? 😆 If I could hunny, daddy would lol. #lovemykids #floridavacation.”


Kurt Angle’s statement indicates that he may be having a natural balding condition, which could be the reason that he could not grow his hair back. He retired from WWE in 2019 and continues to make sporadic appearances for the company on numerous occasions.

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