WWE Hall of Famer Kurt Angle is certainly one of the best pro wrestlers to have ever been a part of the professional wrestling world. The Olympic Gold Medalist has accomplished many things in his career and remains a beloved legend. Angle recently revealed if he would ever work for AEW.

Kurt Angle discussed a variety of topics on the most recent episode of his Kurt Angle Show. During the show, the WWE Hall of Famer was questioned if he would ever work with AEW. Kurt Angle said that he doesn’t think it will ever happen now that he has such a solid relationship with WWE.

Honestly, you know, I talked to Tony a couple of times. I dabbled and, you know, threw some numbers at him that were astronomical, just to see if he would bite. But Tony’s a good guy. He was a big fan of mine. I was the one he told me that he wanted in his company because he thought I was one of his favorite wrestlers. I guess he was a huge wrestling fan growing up. I was considering it, but now I have such a solid relationship with the WWE.

I have a nostalgia contract with them. I do a lot of programming on TV with WWE. So I don’t think it’s going to happen, unfortunately, but I’m happy where I am. I look back and I know I left the WWE in 2006 and came back in 2017. I don’t regret that because I had a great career in TNA, but a small part of me says I wish I would have stayed. I can’t imagine what my career would have been like if I would have continued on for another 11 years in the WWE. So you know, I’m just happy to be where I am right now.


Kurt Angle made his way to TNA in 2006 and had a tremendous run in Impact Wrestling. He faced off against numerous top talent and legends there and cemented himself as a top star there.

Angle has made several appearances for WWE this year. He worked as a producer after retiring from ring activity in 2019 before being let go due to budget cuts the following year. We’ll have to see what Angle does next in his legendary career.

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