Becky Lynch and Charlotte Flair’s friendship is not very good, as many fans are aware. The two have discussed their friendship problems in interviews with the media multiple times. However, Lynch’s ex-boyfriend recently talked about how their friendship worsened and explained the reason.

Jeff Dye was in a relationship with Lynch before she started dating Seth Rollins in 2019. The American comedian recently opened up about this on the Wrestling with Freddie podcast. While speaking with former WWE writer Freddie Prinze Jr. on his podcast, Dye stated that Lynch’s in-character digs towards Flair frequently resulted in real-life conflict.

“I hope I’m not sharing too much here, but they would take it really personal. Like when her and Charlotte were feuding, I would listen to her be like, ‘I can’t believe Charlotte’s actually getting mad at me.’ I was like, ‘You guys do know this is a storyline, right? You guys don’t have to actually be upset with each other for this to work.'”

Jeff Dye explained that Becky Lynch is an “awesome” individual in real life. He claims that a significant factor in their friendship’s downfall was The Man’s legitimate rivalry with Flair. The comedian continued by describing how the two WrestleMania 35 main event competitors battled for supremacy in the WWE women’s division.


“I think it’s like comedy or showbusiness or maybe even if you work at a warehouse or you work at Target or you work at Best Buy, you get competitive,” Dye continued. “You want the promotion or you want the raise or you want some position, and so that’s just part of it for them.

Charlotte had a difficult time that Becky was starting to become the face of the female wrestling thing. I guess it wasn’t surprising. It didn’t change my perspective, but it was interesting to see how much they genuinely, when you’re struggling on the roster, it affects their personal life.”

After joining the main roster in 2015, Flair was introduced almost instantly as one of WWE’s top female talents. Upon being called up to the main roster, Lynch too enjoyed some measure of success. She was, however, frequently compelled to serve as The Queen’s sidekick before breaking through as a significant star on her own in 2018.

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