Charlotte Flair and Becky Lynch go way back. They both had to fight together to get where they are now. However, things have been tense between the WWE superstars for some time now, and the reason has now surfaced.

Charlotte and Becky once had nice things to say about one another, as The Man appeared on the MMA Hour. Lynch reached the pinnacle in 2019 and quickly earned the title of “The Man.” While many fans cheered the superstar’s ascent to the top, Charlotte Flair wasn’t as enthusiastic about it.

Flair was envious of Lynch’s success and couldn’t comprehend that people were supporting her. Charlotte, though, had a different viewpoint. She felt this way since there is only room for one champion in the WWE’s women’s division, and they were both competing for it.

“Here’s how I look at it. You have two women at the top of their game and both of them want to be the best. So who’s the best? Competition breeds competition, and I think we just got older and not necessarily that success doesn’t get to your head and that’s why you lose a friendship. It’s just we both want to be on top, and there’s only room for one,”


Becky Lynch discussed how she and Charlotte Flair would behave backstage in an interview from earlier this year. Lynch said she didn’t want it to happen, but didn’t feel bad about it. Presently, neither woman is in any WWE programs. Flair is out of action on a hiatus that included her wedding, and Lynch is nursing an injury.

Becky Lynch suffered a legitimate injury during this year’s SummerSlam against Bianca Belair. The last time we saw Charlotte was during an “I Quit” match on this year’s WrestleMania Backlash.

Despite their personal issues, the two stars managed to keep it professional inside the ring. However, it appears that they are not really motivated to mend their relationship.

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