Mandy Rose was fired by WWE after she lost the NXT Women’s Championship to Roxanne Perez last week. Fans wanted to see her succeed on the main roster after that, but it was simply not going to happen. It has been over week since her firing and it still continues to be a huge topic of discussion. In fact, Mandy Rose’s firing has now been called Triple H’s first fumble since his WWE takeover.

Mandy Rose was let go from her WWE contract due to content she posted behind her premium content paywall. It was reported that Mandy Rose was not even given chance to take down her premium content before her WWE release.

Many fans and pro wrestlers have made it clear Mandy Rose did not deserve to be fired for such a reason. While speaking on the Wrestling With Freddie podcast, former WWE writer Freddie Prinze Jr. called Mandy Rose’s firing Triple H’s first fumble since he took over WWE.

“In what I think might be the first fumble that Triple H has had, they released Mandy Rose, the NXT Champion. And if you aren’t familiar with her, she rules. She’s awesome; she’s been the champ for over a year. She’s drop-dead gorgeous, she can talk on the mic a bit and NXT, the crowd, there welcomed her with open arms when, I don’t wanna say it’s a demotion to go from the main roster to NXT.”


Mandy Rose was also able to keep her premium content service for good reason. Ric Flair would also rather be on television if he was in Mandy Rose’s place. We’ll have to see where Mandy Rose will go next, as she is currently in a lot of demand in the pro wrestling world.

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Subhojeet Mukherjee

Subhojeet, a professional wrestling fan for over 20+ years, found his passion during the Monday Night Wars. With expertise honed over decades and a broad spectrum of interests including TV, movies, anime, novels, and music, he offers insightful analysis and coverage. Respected in the industry, Subhojeet keeps fans informed and engaged with his knowledge and perspective.

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