Vince McMahon sent shockwaves across the pro wrestling world when he announced his retirement from WWE on July 23, 2022. The billionaire’s departure from Stamford led many fans to believe that Kevin Dunn would follow suit. The rumor never came to pass as Dunn retained his position as WWE Executive Vice President and Chief of Television Production in the wake of Vince’s exit.

Recently, Tony Khan hired a former top WWE executive. Mike Mansury was believed to be a possible replacement for Kevin Dunn in case the latter decided to step down from his position. Dunn has been a top fixture in WWE for the past 20 years. Even Ric Flair believes that Vince McMahon’s longtime associate is here to stay.

The two-time WWE Hall of Famer provided his thoughts on Dunn’s ongoing tenure in WWE during the latest episode of To Be The Man podcast. Flair congratulated Tony Khan on the new hire while claiming that Dunn isn’t leaving WWE anytime soon.

“I didn’t know that, wow. That’s a big hire for Tony (Khan). I’m glad to hear that. Here’s what happened with Mike, he was going to replace Kevin Dunn, but people don’t understand, Kevin ain’t going anywhere. He’s got it as bad as I’ve had it. I just spoke with him yesterday, why would he walk away from something he enjoys? That’s what saddens me about Vince (McMahon). Not that Hunter [Triple H] and Stephanie (McMahon) were taking over, but when you do something like that for so long, like myself, it’s hard to walk away from. Mike is great, I’m happy for him, that’s a big deal for Tony. Congratulations.”

Mike Mansury’s entry into AEW’s fold is expected to help the Jacksonville-based promotion in a major way. Stay tuned to Ringside News for more from the world of pro wrestling.

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