Tony Khan brought a direct competitor to wrestling global giant, WWE, when he launched his own promotion, All Elite Wrestling, in 2019. In the span of three years, AEW has emerged as a successful promotion featuring top talents from all over the world. Recently, the company added a big name to their corporate team, one who served in a big executive role in WWE.

AEW made a big addition to their team by hiring Michael Mansury. He announced his return to wrestling as a Senior VP & Co-Executive Producer for the company. He had been scouting AEW shows for the past few weeks, with many not realizing its true potential for the upstart promotion’s corporate structure.

There was an assumption that WWE executive Kevin Dunn would be replaced by Michael Mansury under the new creative regime led by Triple H sometime back. This speculation went nameless for weeks and became apparent with Mansury hiring in AEW. He was believed to be the front-runner to replace Kevin Dunn, had he been released from the company, which did not happen, according to a report by Sean Sapp behind Fightful’s paywall.

“When the Triple H regime took over, many asked if Kevin Dunn would also be on his way out. When we asked within WWE, we were repeatedly told that the one person who seemed poised to replace him had left the company, and they didn’t think they would be able to get him back. Until today, that person went nameless, until the Mansury hire was revealed, and WWE sources indicated to us that it was Mansury.


We’re told that in WWE, there wasn’t much further he could go above where he’d been unless Kevin Dunn stepped aside, which did not end up happening. Another source indicated that he was a name that they thought Triple H would try to bring back to the company, and that Triple H seemed keen on his work.

They said that they didn’t think Mansury would come back unless he was taking over Kevin Dunn’s role, and Dunn still hasn’t budged from his spot. We’ve already heard from talent and staff within both AEW and WWE who were happy about the hiring, and believe that it will go a long way in helping AEW’s content.

One WWE source said that he’s a good hire specifically because he’s more in touch with AEW’s demographic, and can significantly increase the level of production the company has. One WWE source that heavily criticizes AEW to us, said that he saw this as AEW’s biggest hire this year.”

Credits: FightFul Select

Michael Mansury has been credited as one of the biggest hirings for AEW. He is believed to become a major asset for the company’s growth, bringing his knowledge and expertise to the table. A WWE source also believes that Mike will be a good addition to the promotion as he is more in touch with AEW’s demographic and help significantly in increasing the level of production of AEW television programming.

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