Xavier Woods has emerged to become one of the most charismatic and entertaining WWE superstars of the modern era. Woods has been an accomplished in-ring worker and captivated the audience with his overall persona and hard work. However, he recently recalled a time when he feared of being let go by WWE.

Xavier Woods arrived in WWE back in 2010, as a part of their previous developmental brand, Florida Championship Wrestling. He had a brief stint in their revamped territory, NXT afterward before being called up to the main roster in 2013, briefly teaming up with R-Truth.

The 2021 King of the Ring winner found immense success as part of the ‘New Day’ faction, alongside Kofi Kingston and Big E, winning 12 Tag Team titles in the process. Despite coming a long way in his career, Woods recently spoke about a past incident when he and Wes Brisco became the FCW tag team champions in 2010, however, they were stripped of the titles due to Brisco suffering an injury, and Woods was left on his own. While speaking with Sports Illustrated, Woods recalled a time in his career when he feared his release was around the corner.

“I was terrified every single week of being on the chopping block,” said Woods in an interview with Sports Illustrated. “I was trying to be a motivational speaker; I was trying to be the son of Papa Shango. I was doing a bunch of different things, and nothing was clicking. But I knew if I was going to be successful, it was going to be because of something I created. I fully believed that and that belief and the hard work paid off.”


Xavier Woods and Kofi Kingston are still going strong as a cohesive unit, while Big E is currently out of action due to a severe neck injury. Woods and Kingston recently defeated Pretty Deadly at NXT Deadline to win the NXT Tag Team championships for the first time in their careers.

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