Vince McMahon was at the center of sports entertainment until July 2022, when the former WWE Chairman and CEO announced his retirement from WWE amidst some sexual and hush-money allegations. However, recent report indicated that he could very well make his return to the company, which can be seen as a big risk for the current regime.

Vince McMahon’s voluntary retirement paved the way for his daughter Stephanie McMahon and Nick Khan to assume the roles of co-CEOs and appoint Triple H as the Head of Creative. The new creative regime led by The Game has been not short of spectacular in its operations.

The new WWE management brought significant changes that have completely revamped the landscape for the better. However, speculations have been running wild that Vince McMahon is eyeing to come out of retirement and take over the company once again. Dave Meltzer on Wrestling Observer Radio claimed that bringing Mr. McMahon back could be ‘huge risk’, with this move potentially not being appreciated by WWE programming networks, and sponsors, and even affecting the operative style of the current WWE regime.

“If he came back, there would definately be issues with some sponsors squeezed in it, even Fox and USA….I don’t know you but i mean….you are definately risking that because its……you know in the time frame we are…with the different allegations out and the payouts and everything like that… will be a big big big risk.”


Vince McMahon’s regime is completely opposite to the one led by Triple H due to their different perceptions and ideologies towards the business. If he decides to step back in his shoes and assume control like before, it could have drastic implications on the backstage morale and work environment, which has significantly improved thanks to the Cerebral Assasin’s management.

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Nikunj Walia

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