Vince McMahon’s name is trending again as he reportedly hopes to make WWE comeback. However, Ric Flair recently discussed his former boss and revealed a text he got from McMahon in July.

When Ric Flair was dropped from WWE’s show-opening videos several months ago, he expressed his displeasure publicly. This was due to Dark Side of the RIng’s Plane Ride From Hell episode, and the old stories it drudged up. The Nature Boy and his well-known “Woo” were once again included in the company’s signature video package months later.

On Ric Flair’s To Be The Man podcast this week, he revealed that Vince McMahon personally texted Flair on July 4th to let him know that he was reinstated in the promotion’s opening video. Ric Flair’s spot was restored, as McMahon had promised. Flair was relieved to get a reassuring note from McMahon, which came just before his retirement.

“I want to read this in closing because you brought up Vince McMahon. ‘Hey Ric,’ this is July 4th. ‘Hey Ric, as of tonight’s RAW, you’re back in the opening of our TV shows. You’re going to be so proud of your documentary. I always keep my word. Happy 4th. Vince McMahon.'”


In other parts of the podcast, Ric Flair criticized Eric Bischoff, who has been engaged in a rather public conflict with him over the past several days. Obviously, he had much better things to say about Vince McMahon. Stay tuned to Ringside News to get the latest updates.

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