Numerous former WWE stars have re-joined the company after being released or having their contracts expire since Triple H replaced Vince McMahon as the top of the WWE. Many fans are speculating whether any other former stars might make a comeback in Rumble matches themselves as the Royal Rumble approaches.

In a recent interview with Chris Van Vliet’s Insight podcast, Matt Cardona discussed a variety of subjects, including his incredible 2022, the reasons he wants to return to WWE, and his desire to win the WWE Championship. He stated that he’d prefer to let fans discuss than confirm or refute rumors that he would rejoin WWE.

“Listen, I appreciate you asking me this, but here’s the truth. Like, if I were to go back, I wouldn’t reveal it here. And if I wasn’t going back, I wouldn’t reveal it here, because I want people, I want people talking. So the more they talk, you know, the more people are talking about Matt Cardona, the better for me. I’m the Internet Champion, then now and forever. So let them talk.”

It’s still not confirmed whether Matt Cardona will return to WWE. However, according to reports, Triple H has been “severely underwhelmed” by some of the other stars who have joined the company recently. Stay tuned to Ringside News to get more updates.


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