The Rock is veteran who has established a strong reputation in the wrestling industry. Many professional wrestlers have found inspiration in The Rock. However, Ricky Starks has designated The Rock as his third favorite wrestler, despite the constant comparisons.

During the 2022 Winter is Coming edition of Dynamite, Ricky Starks who will face MJF for the AEW World Championship. Starks conducted an interview with where he addressed the claims that he ‘copies’ The Rock.

Ricky Starks said that The Rock really wasn’t his main source of inspiration. Starks further added that he detests it when people disregard him for his natural creativity by alleging that he imitates The Rock.

“I tell this all the time, The Rock wasn’t my favorite wrestler. He was like my number three favorite wrestler. That’s not to discredit The Rock from any type of talent he has, but I say that to say he wasn’t a big inspiration.”


“I always tell this: I don’t hate the comparisons. What I do hate though, is being discredited for my natural creativity in lieu of someone saying, ‘Well, you’re just literally copying The Rock,’ which isn’t true at all. If some by chance, somebody thinks that I’m Rock-lite, then that’s cool.”

Starks took the initiative to counter the copying claims. To assert himself, he moved forward one step. Let’s see how the fans respond to this. Follow Ringside news for more updates.

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