Ric Flair can’t seem to catch a break ever since the airing of the “Plane Ride From Hell” episode by VICE TV and Dark Side of the Ring. The fallout from the episode been linked to the removal of his signature “Woooo” in the start of the WWE intro. As The Nature Boy Ric Flair is set to have his new documentary released, he has decided to clear up all doubts surrounding last year’s Plane Ride From Hell episode.

During the episode that aired on September 16th 2021, Flair was accused of sexual assault by flight attendant Heidi Doyle. Flair denied the allegations multiple times. In the fallout from the episode, Flair’s signature “Wooooo” was pulled from the WWE signature intro, but it made return back in July 2022.

Fans observed that the “Woooo” at the start of the intro had vanished at WWE Crown Jewel, but it reappeared on Monday’s WWE Raw. Though it has yet to be confirmed, many believe that an incorrect version opening had been played at WWE Crown Jewel since Sasha Banks and Naomi were back but Cody Rhodes was not.

On the latest episode of Flair’s To Be The Man podcast, The Nature Boy expressed his feelings on the whole intro mix up. He also told listeners that all the confusion following last year’s Plane Ride from Hell episode would be cleared up in his new documentary.


“One of the most difficult things I’ve ever been through in my life, personally, aside from health issues, is having 85,000 people tell me within two minutes that I wasn’t on the opening of Raw or SmackDown after that bullshit from Plane Ride to Hell came out, which is all bullshit. It is explained thoroughly in my new documentary, I mean thoroughly. I am calling some people out big time.”

“If they had left me off, I wouldn’t mind it, because I had my time and it’s not my time anymore, but it is something that means a lot to me personally, as it does to everyone else. I’m sure they would tell you that if they were being honest with you. It’s a big deal. You’re seen worldwide three times a week.”

Flair had stated that the new documentary, produced by WWE and Tom Rinaldi, will be released around Thanksgiving or Christmas. On the most recent episode of To Be The Man, Flair stated that he would find out the release date soon and would record one more session of him watching the documentary. WWE has yet to officially confirm the documentary’s release date.

How do you think Flair is going to address the allegations in his new documentary ? Sound off in the comments below !

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