Cathy Kelley became a known face on television ever since she decided to join WWE back in 2016. She remained a regular on their television programming, primarily in NXT, until her departure in 2020. Kelley recently spoke about her second run and had massive praises for the new management led by Triple H and Stephanie McMahon.

The new creative regime of WWE came into power after former WWE Chairman and CEO Vince McMahon retired from the company amidst sexual allegations and hush money scandals in July 2022. Since then, Stephanie McMahon and Nick Khan have taken over the company as co-CEOs and Triple H was appointed as the Head of Creative.

WWE has seen a complete makeover with the new management in charge in terms of better storylines, the return of top superstars, and significant improvement in WWE’s television product. Cathy Kelley was another name brought back to the company during this period. She spoke about her return during a recent interview on The Big Thing.

“I remember I just sent him a birthday text and that’s sort of what snowballed everything for me coming back.”


Cathy Kelley also spoke about Triple H and Stephanie McMahon’s leadership being a major factor in her return. Obviously, she is very happy to be home in WWE.

“Working for them was very appealing. I think that they are both the epitome of what great leadership looks like,

Cathy Kelley first joined WWE back in 2016 and spent nearly four years in the company before announcing her exit from the company in 2020. She then went on to appear in Netflix sitcom #blackAF as a flight attendant. Kelley would make her return to WWE in October 2022 as a backstage interviewer on RAW.

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