WWE’s women’s division has grown by a lot over the past few years. It seems that there are still come major critics of the division, especially Dutch Mantel.

Tegan Nox signed with WWE in 2019 after putting on an impressive performance in the Mae Young Classic. The former NXT standout was selected to join RAW in October 2021, but she never made an appearance on the network and was ultimately fired the following month. WWE legend Dutch Mantel recently said that Nox isn’t ready for the main roster, and he had a lot more to say.

Tegan Nox paired up with Liv Morgan to take on Ronda Rousey and Shayna Baszler in her debut WWE bout in more than a year on SmackDown. On this week’s episode of Smack Talk, Dutch Mantel discussed the show and expressed his reservations about Nox’s in-ring performance, saying she wasn’t prepared for the main roster. He also called for the firing of everyone in the WWE women’s division except for Ronda Rousey and Shayna Baszler.

She is not ready. I don’t know long she has been in developmental; I don’t know what she was doing down there. She is unsure of herself. Now, that could be, I guess, ring rust, but she wasn’t moving smoothly. Kind of like she was hesitating on some of the stuff she did. I saw her arm drags, pathetic! Not very good!


That’s what they’re sending them to Orlando for. If you can’t learn to give a graceful arm drag, something’s wrong with the other person working with you. So, it does look forced. I would fire everybody right now in the girls’ division except Ronda and Baszler. I’d fire everybody, then five minutes later, I’d hired them all back just to show them I could do it.

Nox appeared on the SmackDown episode from December 2nd, making her the most recent name to be revived under the Triple H era. Upon arriving, she assisted Liv Morgan in fending off Damage CTRL’s assault. Despite spending a lot of time outside the squared circle, Dutch Mantell wasn’t really impressed with Nox’s abilities, but it seems like he also wants to clean house.

Do you agree that Tegan Nox is not ready for the main roster? Sound off in the comments!

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