WWE Hall of Famer Road Dogg is a true veteran in professional wrestling, as he largely made a name for himself as part of D-Generation X in the 90s. He has faced off against numerous top stars during that time, including even The Rock and Steve Austin. Road Dogg recently explained his backstage confrontation with Steve Austin.

Road Dogg recently discussed his backstage confrontation with Steve Austin on his Oh… You Didn’t Know podcast. This came up as they mentioned a Wrestling Observer Newsletter report about a backstage confrontation at the 1999 No Mercy pay-per-view.

The WWE Hall of Famer admitted they did have a face-to-face at television one day, but then he backtracked to say that it was just a conversation. Road Dogg also revealed that Jeff Jarrett departing had nothing to do with it. Road Dogg also admitted to not liking the fact that Steve Austin and Jeff Jarrett had a history of animosity that might have killed a program for Double J.

It was a conversation, it was not a ‘blow-up’ I went and found him, and people saw that and people talked and all of a sudden it turns into something. Really, it had nothing to do with Jeff Jarrett leaving. That was probably the reason for me getting angry, and I also didn’t, look Steve held some personal feeling against Jeff, and I didn’t think those were put away now, I’d imagine, but he held a grudge against Jeff about some stuff that happened in Memphis, and so he didn’t want to work with Jeff as his opponent, and in my mind he had just come back from knee surgery, and I just thought Jeff was the perfect character that Jeff was gonna bump his butt off for you.


I just felt like it was a missed opportunity for everybody. Maybe it wasn’t the hottest angle going, but it was something he could sink his teeth into and then beat Jeff in the program, and move onto the next guy. I thought it was a good rehab program. That was not, however, the conversation that Steve and I had, at all. That was just my personal opinion on the situation between me and Jeff.

On the October 25th 1999 episode of Monday Night Raw, The Rock teamed up with Steve Austin and squared off against the New Age Outlaws, Road Dogg and Billy Gunn. Dogg also revealed that he wrestled Austin and The Rock while high in the past. Obviously, he has a lot of stories from his past, many of which he is coming clean about now.

Road Dogg is currently serving as Senior Vice President of WWE Live Events. We’ll have to see if WWE can snag Steve Austin for another WrestleMania match. Keep an eye on Ringside News for more.

Transcription by Ringside News.

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