Road Dogg has a wrestling career that most would envy, with multiple championships. He was a member of the iconic group DX and was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame. However, he has now revealed that he was plagued by jealousy from an early age, all because of a younger version of Dwayne Johnson.

Road Dogg revealed on his Oh… You Didn’t Know podcast that he took it upon himself to keep The Rock’s “feet on the ground.” This included using any means he deemed necessary. He claimed to have accomplished this using “verbal abuse and potshots” while in the squared circle.

It felt very important to me to keep his feet on the ground. And I did so because I was jealous of him and I didn’t like him and Boo on you. But look, he could cut a promo, he could wrestle, he looked great, you know what I mean? He’s the total package on the reel. And I wasn’t that, and so I was very jealous of him. And I’ve told him that and apologized since, but it still doesn’t take away the fact that I took it upon myself to keep his feet on the ground. And I did that with verbal abuse and potshots in the ring too, you know what I mean?

Like he knew that when they were there and he would bring it back and we would, you know, kind of do you and left it all out in the ring for sure. But I took it upon myself to keep his feet on the ground, and that was not my place, and I’ll forever apologise for that to him. But it was just, we were just in the ring wrestling, and I’m in the ring with you, dude, so you’re equal to me, You know what I mean?


And look, and like I said, in retrospect, I see we’re not equal. We’re not equal as far as intellectual properties are concerned, you know what I mean? In the eyes of God, you and I are the same, but in the eyes of the consumer, of the almighty consumer we are not. And I understand that.

The Rock made his WWE debut as Rocky Maivia in a traditional tag team match at Survivor Series 1996. However, his other WWE Superstars could sense the potential that would propel him to superstardom from the start.

The Great One eventually left WWE for Hollywood full-time. After so many accomplishments in Tinsel Town, Dwayne Johnson recently released his latest movie, ‘Black Adam,’ which was a huge success after over ten years in development.

Dwayne Johnson has that special charm, and we can’t blame Road Dogg for being a bit envious of it. Let’s see if The Rock reacts to this. To get the latest updates, keep an eye on Ringside News.

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