Vince McMahon will always be remembered as one of the greatest revolutionaries of the wrestling business. Vince completely disrupted the business with his creative and business acumen and made WWE the global juggernaut it is today. However, it seems like the higher-ups of the business were quick to forget him after his exit earlier this year.

Vince McMahon bought his father’s regional promotion in 1982 and molded it into one of the biggest global giants in the world. Not only that, he put an equal amount of effort as an on-screen personality as he did behind the scenes, proving to be skilled inside the squared circle, going head-to-head with the best on the mic, and maintaining his impressive fitness and physique throughout the years.

The former 2-time World Champion shocked the world, taking voluntary retirement from the WWE amidst sexual allegations and hush money scandals earlier this year in June.

During Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer claimed that Vince became irrelevant for quite some time with some higher-ups moving past him real quick and looking towards the future, with the company transitioning smoothly after his exit.


“Vince McMahon became irrevelant really fast in the real world. If you really notice. Like, when Vince was gone, the first couple of days or week, it’s a big story, but after that, it’s like — he was a giant in wrestling, but in pop culture he was a one-day story. So, I know it from dealing with some high-power people that they lost interest in Vince real quick, you know once it was like ‘okay he’s gone, now onto the next’ — life goes on, yes. Like, if he would have left and WWE collapsed, then yes, but WWE just — very smooth transition, actually got better.”

Stephanie McMahon and Nick Khan were appointed as Co-CEOs for the company, while Triple H took over the reins as Head of Creative and also being promoted to WWE Chief Content Officer. Fans and critics have claimed that the WWE has drastically improved in quality, development of stars, and storylines under the new management and is moving towards a progressive and long-term future.

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