Seth Rollins made a name for himself in WWE, prior to which he was a huge name in ROH as Tyler Black. Together with Jon Moxley and Roman Reigns, the three debuted on the main roster back in 2012 and were known as The Shield. The trio ran roughshod over the WWE roster for years, but all great things must come to an end. Unfortunately, the three are no longer as close as they used to be.

The Shield would go on to become one of the most dominant and popular stables in the history of the WWE, establishing all three members as huge stars and future WWE Hall Of Famers.

While speaking to The Metro, Seth Rollins talked about his relationship with Jon Moxley and Roman Reigns. Rollins revealed that all three members of the group are no longer as close to each other.

“Obviously none of us are as close as we were, and we may never be as close as we were during those first two years.


Everyone’s off doing their own thing, we’re all on separate shows. Roman and I see each other occasionally at the pay-per-views if he’s on those, and neither of us see Mox ever. He’s busy doing his own thing, whether it’s AEW or GCW or New Japan – wherever he wants to show up!

Obviously the bond isn’t as close but it will always exist in the same way that the Horsemen are always gonna be the Horsemen, the nWo are always gonna be the nWo, The Shield has that type of aura about it,

There’s always gonna be a connection there, no matter what happens or which directions we go.”

Jon Moxley is currently content working in AEW while Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns continue to be top Superstars in WWE. They may no longer be as close as they once were, but their history will never be forgotten.

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