Sami Zayn has turned everything he has been given into gold for well over 8 years now. Zayn’s incredible ability to make everything work has won him over with WWE higher-ups as well as fans. Be that as it may, Zayn also wished a particular segment with The Bloodline took place on WWE Smackdown.

At WWE Survivor Series, Sami Zayn proved his allegiance to The Bloodline during the WarGames match, as he helped The Bloodline defeat The Brawling Brutes, Drew McIntyre and Kevin Owens. That climatic moment included some build during the show.

Prior to the match, WWE was airing segments featuring Sami Zayn and The Bloodline, where Roman Reigns had a conversation with Sami Zayn. While speaking on Peter Rosenberg’s Cheap Heat podcast, Sami Zayn talked about his segment with Roman Reigns at Survivor Series. Zayn wished that the segment took place on WWE Smackdown.

“For example, the one we had at Survivor Series, which I kind of wish that backstage that we had done was on television because I think it would have gotten…people would have been able to sit in it a little longer, whereas, as part of the thread at Survivor Series, it was a great piece of the totality of the night, but it got us to where we needed to go. If it was on TV, it could sit and breathe for a week, people could talk and dissect it.


I was really pleased with that backstage interview where he would look me in the eyes to figure out if he could trust me. If you watch that back, as I did, he sat in silence in a way that is very difficult to do, especially in a pro wrestling backstage. You don’t get 45 seconds of silence in a backstage, but he did it and it played very well. Each second made it more agonizing and more intense. Obviously, it’s not something you talk about like, ‘Okay, sit there for 45 seconds.’ His poise, ability, and confidence to hold that moment was very impressive to me.”

Sami Zayn also made good use of his friendship with The Usos for The Bloodline storyline. It remains to be seen how WWE will keep on progressing with Sami Zayn’s storyline, as it has become very gripping now.

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Subhojeet Mukherjee

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