Sami Zayn undoubtedly has the golden touch regarding any gimmick given to him in WWE. Zayn has continuously evolved over the years, and that’s also been apparent in his storyline with The Bloodline. In fact, his friendship with The Usos influenced his current storyline as well.

Sami Zayn’s storyline with The Bloodline began several months ago and it became one of the most intricate storylines in years. Zayn has become close with the faction, especially after Survivor Series.

While speaking on Peter Rosenberg’s Cheap Heat podcast, the Bloodline member explained how his friendship with The Usos influenced the storyline. It included his handshake with The Usos as well.

These dynamics that we sort of splintered off to with Jimmy and Jey, they’re like, there’s a certain element, not to say Jey is like the angry one or anything.


It’s a story we’ve told for six months, but Jimmy really is a laid back dude. The relationship that we had on screen is very, very similar to the relationship we have backstage.

So there was a funny thing that I just saw, where it was a video from, I think, 2019 or 2020, of us doing the handshake because that’s our real life handshake.

Then I saw these people like, ‘Oh, this isn’t just something they did for the story. This isn’t just something they’re doing for TV. This is their actual greeting that they do in the locker room.’

The Usos have cool handshakes with a lot of people. They’re the coolest, most universally adored people, and everyone has a rapport with them.

Our handshake also evolved. It started out as one thing and then it turned into something else.

But all this to say, that handshake has been our thing for, you know, many, many years and then it just found its way onto TV.

Ric Flair isn’t big fan of Sami Zayn’s current character. It remains to be seen how WWE will be booking Sami Zayn as part of The Bloodline in the coming months. For the time being, fans will love anything that has to do with Zayn.

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Subhojeet Mukherjee

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