Dakota Kai was a regular feature on NXT, which is why many fans were shocked that Kai was released from her WWE contract earlier this year. During her tenure in NXT, Dakota Kai was one of the brand’s top performers and even won the NXT Women’s Tag Team Championships twice.

Following her release from WWE, she didn’t wrestle in the indies. However, in an interview with Getting Over, Dakota Kai revealed that she was in talks with a couple of other promotions before being called up by Triple H.

“The talks never got super far, but we definitely touched base. I didn’t hear anything for a few weeks until Triple H contacted me. There were a few independent promotions here and there, but it was ‘lax talks,’ I would say. They never progressed to anything further. At that point in time, I had waited a few weeks. I think it was meant to be when Triple H called me because at that time, I felt good, I felt ready to get back in the ring and sure enough, this guy calls and wants me back. Yeah, there were talks.”

Dakota Kai returned along with IYO SKY and Bayley to form Damage CTRL at the end of WWE SummerSlam. Since her return, she has already made an impact by winning the WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship twice with IYO SKY.


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