Charles Robinson has been WWE referee for over 20 years now. The veteran referee has officiated some historic WWE matches and has been involved in some memorable WWE moments over the years. Despite this, Charles Robinson receives a lot of flak from WWE fans for one main reason.

Charles Robinson is often known for his silly reactions in the ring, as well as his tendency to oversell during a match. The same incident took place last week on SmackDown during a match between Drew McIntyre & Sheamus and The Usos. During the bout, Robinson was caught on camera in the middle of one of his silly reactions.

The WWE referee took to Instagram to issue an apology to the fans for his silly reactions, He stated that he tries his best to control his reactions, but sometimes they get the better of him.

“I apologize for the silly reactions on @wwe#smackdown. I am ridiculous. I try and try to stop reacting but can’t. I know when “people “ talk about refs over selling it’s about me. #wrestling#friday


While the apology is sincere in nature, it doesn’t look like Robinson will be able to stop himself from reacting in a silly manner. Fans can still catch Charles Robinson and his silly reactions every week on WWE television.

What’s your take on Charles Robinson’s silly reactions in the ring? Sound off in the comments section.

Sunil Joseph

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