Shelton Benjamin came to prominence as one of the most technically supreme in-ring performers in the WWE. However, he has stuck in mid-card feuds for the majority of his career, despite winning various championships and accolades. Benjamin recently posted a picture of Rhea Ripley that received major heat, forcing him to take it down.

Shelton Benjamin started his WWE career as a part of ‘The World’s Greatest Tag Team’ with Charlie Haas led by Kurt Angle in 2002. He even achieved some success as a singles competitor during his first run in the WWE. Moreover, Benjamin’s notable program during his second coming in the WWE was aligning himself with Bobby Lashley, MVP and Cedric Alexander, known together as the dominant faction, The Hurt Business.

The former WWE United States champion posted a photo of Rhea Ripley attempting a pin on Mia Yim in her own unique manner earlier today. Shelton Benjamin called it dream come true scenario. However, his comments did not sit well with the WWE Universe on Twitter. Benjamin received a major backlash for his tweet and decided to delete it immediately. Shelton wrote the following from his Twitter account about his deleted tweet.

“Too many people not up to speed on the joke. I’m Not comfy with the inappropriate responses. Thus previous tweet deleted.”


Shelton Benjamin received massive support from the fans who clarified the difference between a joke and reality.

@Sheltyb803 People need to get up to speed on how you guys talk to each other

@Sheltyb803 if it’s anything between you and Mia, I always know it’s joking. I know you and Mia are great friends that just give each other a good Hard time/fun on Twitter.

@Sheltyb803 Y’all been roasting each other for years and I wish people knew the story. It’s like sister/brother thing where that love and respect is there but you joke and have a good time roasting each other. @Sportskeeda did an interview with @MiaYim about this back in 2018

Who’s team are you really cheering on? Rhea the Papi Dom or Mia The Dom Slayer. I wonder if Shelton is Sub

Shelton Benjamin recently began teaming up with R-Truth until Truth’s NXT tenure and subsequent injury taking him out of action. He was also seen in a match against Austin Theory on the November 7th episode of RAW, which saw Benjamin losing to the new WWE United States champion.

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