Mandy Rose suddenly rose to prominence last year as one of NXT’s top female performers since winning the NXT Women’s Championship. Since then, fans have witnessed Mandy evolve into a better and more confident wrestler. While fans may have been skeptical of her reign at first, she has no doubt made everyone stand up and respect her.

Mandy Rose is also known for her fitness. She competed as a professional bodybuilder prior to joining WWE. Mandy maintains a strict diet in order to ensure she stays in shape. However, the NXT Women’s Champion does enjoy a cheat meal every once in a while.

During an interview with Chris Van Vliet on his Insight podcast, Mandy Rose revealed that she enjoys pasta, pizza, and ice cream during her cheat days.

“I know, actually people do probably think that but I mean, I used to be really really strict when I was competing, but since then and wrestling and it’s definitely more of a consistent, balanced diet. But I like to have my cheat days and I like to splurge and I snack and all that. So it’s you know, I mean, my workouts have changed a little bit I do a little bit more cardio, which might help obviously. But yeah, I grew up in a you know, Italian home with my dad who owns delis. So like we just grew up around really good food. I can’t stop now.”


“Oh, my go to is usually like a good, you know, good pasta or ravioli or pizza, and ice cream. I love ice cream.”

Mandy Rose is in her first reign as NXT Women’s Champion and has been the champion for over a year now. It will be interesting to see if WWE will consider promoting her to the main roster given her recent dominance and popularity.

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