Brock Lesnar and Sable are one of the most well-known couples in WWE, but their personal lives are usually kept secret. However, over the years, a few details and facts have come to light regarding them. One of them was when she had an affair with The Beast while still married.

Former American boxer, and WWE Superstar, Marc Mero recently appeared in an interview on Stone Cold Steve Austin’s podcast, where he discussed how he heard his ex-wife’s voice messages and discovered Sable had cheated on him.

“I have to listen to the first one to get to mine and it was another wrestler talking about them two. I remember thinking, ‘when I find out who this guy is, I’m going to kick the living tar out of this man! And then, I found out it was Brock Lesnar! Steve, this gives forgiveness a whole new meaning! Our marriage was over. We ended up getting divorced, but God bless them! They got married. They have kids.”

In 1996, Sable made her debut in the Stamford-based promotion, and her first significant angle featured her real-life spouse Marc, whom she managed. But from the time Marc was injured in 1997 until his recovery in 1998, she was allowed to shine on her own. To get the latest updates, keep an eye on Ringside News.


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