Brandi Rhodes has been away from professional wrestling since leaving AEW last February. Rumors circulated that Brandi will follow in her husband’s footsteps once he returned to WWE earlier this year. However, she previously stated that she has no intention to do so anytime soon. Brandi has now revealed that she has not spoken with Triple H amid the rumors.

In recent interview with NBC’s Ten Count, the former ring announcer said that she has spoken with former Chairman Vince McMahon and his successor, Stephanie McMahon, following her departure from AEW. However, she did not have a professional conversation with the current CCO, Triple H. She stated that she did speak with Triple H when she met him at WrestleMania, but they only exchanged greetings.

I have not spoken to Hunter. Spoken to Stephanie, I spoke to Vince, back at that point in time, I saw Hunter at WrestleMania so I guess I did speak to Hunter, I said ‘hi!” But as far as in a professional sense, no, I’ve not spoken to Hunter.

As previously reported, even though Brandi will not be returning anytime soon, she believes her husband has to wrestle again since it runs in his blood. Cody is preparing to return, and all he needs now is the doctor’s approval. To get the latest updates, keep an eye on Ringside News.


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Shivangini Rawat

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