Matt Hardy is a true veteran in the pro wrestling business, having constantly reinvented himself over the years. Due to his extensive knowledge of the pro wrestling world, his opinion is taken seriously. Matt recently teased to bring back his “Broken Matt” gimmick.

After the AEW Full Gear pay-per-view had concluded for a few hours, Matt Hardy recently took to Twitter to post an old clip of “Broken Matt.” Drone footage of the Hardy Compound is seen in the video. ‘Broken Matt’ can be seen emerging from his house.

…invited the world, as well as Brother Nero, into my humble abode because this day must be documented.

Hardy has made several references to bringing the Broken Universe back to AEW. It’s intriguing that Brother Nero is mentioned in this clip. Following his DUI arrest earlier this year, Jeff Hardy has been receiving treatment.


It is interesting that he mentioned Brother Nero, since Jeff Hardy is currently out of action while he deals with that DUI case. Jeff Hardy just got new court date last week for mid-December, and he could see jail time.

On his podcast a few months ago, Hardy talked about his brother and expressed excitement for his fans to meet the new Hardy. He explained that he did not mean that his brother would soon join AEW; rather, he meant that he is sober. Let’s see what’s in store for Matt in the future.

Are you excited to see “Broken Matt” back in the ring? Sound off in the comments!

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