Dominik Mysterio recently joined forces with The Judgment Day and turned his back on his father, Rey Mysterio. The 25-year-old’s conversion to the evil side was significantly influenced by Rhea Ripley. Dominik Mysterio was recently admonished by former WWE head writer Vince Russo for breaking kayfabe on social media.

Dominik’s dark side is still constantly brought out by the Eradicator, who remains a continuous whisper in his ear. The former WWE writer brought out a significant social media error made by Mysterio on this week’s Writing with Russo. According to Russo, the young man should not have shared photos of himself on social media with his actual girlfriend.

Bro, these guys, Dominik Mysterio. You can’t be posting pictures of you and your girlfriend on social media, like come on. What are we doing? Why? I don’t know, like if it’s maybe the birth of a child, if it’s something really important. I don’t get it bro.

The timing of the image, according to Russo, may have been justified for a particular occasion of Dom and his girlfriend’s 11th anniversary, but it didn’t make sense. Dominik Mysterio appears to be making progress, as he just caused a major upset against seasoned wrestler Shelton Benjamin on the most recent RAW program.


What’s your take on Dominik breaking kayfabe on social media? Sound off in the comments!

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