MJF took on the role of an antihero in AEW, one with a very interesting contract situation. The Salt of the Earth will face Jon Moxley in the AEW World Championship match that will serve as the main event of the Full Gear pay-per-view. Wardlow recently added some interesting remarks to MJF’s upcoming big match.

The TNT Champion was questioned this week during an interview with Barstool Rasslin’ about whether he believes MJF will defeat Jon Moxley at Full Gear. His remarks were intriguing and reflected what several fans believe will occur.

Wardlow believes MJF is going to “show his true colors” during the match. He further said that it’s not humanly possible for MJF to defeat Moxley clean without cheating. Wardlow then boasted how he murdered MJF to the point where he disappeared for like four months.

I think he’s gonna show his true colors. I, for three years, was hoping Max would kind of not be such a piece of sh-t and it seems like he’s starting to mature and come around, but I’m not buying it. I’m not buying it. I don’t think there’s any way humanly possible that he can beat Jon Moxley clean without cheating. I think it’s all BS.


I murdered him to the point where he disappeared for like four months and then he comes back and is already getting a heavyweight title shot. I kind of am hoping he wins that title, though, because I would love to take it away from him.

MJF has stated that he won’t require the Dynamite Diamond ring to defeat Moxley tonight. In recent weeks, he has appeared to be steadily changing his expression. If Wardlow is correct, that might turn out to be one huge swerve. You can watch the full interview below.

Do you think MJF will cheat in his match against Jon Moxely? Sound off in the comments!

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