Saraya made waves after her AEW debut this year. After that, fans got to see her get physical for the first time in 5 years since her unfortunate neck injury. Saraya further shocked fans after announcing that she is medical cleared to wrestle again, and she immediately challenged Dr. Britt Baker D.M.D to match at Full Gear. It seems not everybody is happy about Saraya’s return. So, Saraya recently sent out a powerful message for those praying for her downfall.

As Saraya’s comeback match is just around the corner, she took to Twitter to tell her fans how excited she was to properly make her return to the squared circle. She also addressed her rival Britt Baker, with whom things have been getting pretty heated up lately

“Man. 2 more days till I get to wrestle again. One of the biggest matches of my career and after a 5-year hiatus. I’m loving every moment of being in @AEW and I feel so lucky to get to go out there and compete. Side note. F*ck @RealBrittBaker”

A well-wishing fan acknowledged that there would be a lot of haters tuning in to her match at Full Gear just to see her slip up, something that Saraya previously took note of herself. The fan urged Saraya to forget the haters and focus on enjoying herself.


“Lots of people will be watching to criticize you. Don’t mind the haters, go there and enjoy yourself.”

Saraya took this in stride and used it as an opportunity to clap back at her haters. Saraya audaciously replied to her fan to say that at least her haters are tuning in.

“Hey at least they’re watching me haha.”

All eyes will be on Saraya this Saturday at Full Gear when she returns to the ring after a 5-year hiatus. It remains to be seen how Saraya will come out of what seems to be one of the biggest of her career. Stay tuned to Ringside News for more.

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Talha Asad Iqbal

Talha Asad Iqbal is an mechanical engineer who just loves everything wrestling. From spending his childhood collecting wrestling action figures to spending his adulthood writing about wrestling, he really seems to enjoy wrestling a bit too much. Outside wrestling and his work, he loves spending time in the gym and playing video games.

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