Saraya shocked fans when she announced she had finally received medical clearance to compete once again. This was immediately followed by challenge to Dr. Britt Baker D.M.D at Full Gear. As the two are set to face off at Full Gear, Saraya expressed the sentiment that her first bout in the ring after a long hiatus would probably be under heavy scrutiny.

As her comeback match draws closer, Saraya is pretty anxious about her return to the squared circle. While speaking to Chris Van Vliet on Insight, Saraya shed light on the pressure she’s feeling as she gets ready to step back into the ring.

“I’m dying to get back in the ring again. I’m excited that it’s not too far away. I know there are going to be a lot of eyes on that match. There’s a lot of pressure to make sure that I put on a good enough match where everyone is like, ‘welcome back, we like that she’s back.’ There’s going to be a lot of nervous people watching me too because I feel that there are a lot of people, that aren’t haters, that are worried about me. They’re going to be watching. Then you have the haters on top of that, that just want to see me fail or hurt, are going to be watching. Then the people that are happy that I’m back are going to be watching,” 

Saraya acknowledged that her match at Full Gear is going to be a pretty big deal. When it was noted that her fans are going to be pretty worried for Saraya, she admitted that this is a fact.


“For everybody. Everybody watching, everybody in general. It’s going to be a big deal. I’m going to be under a microscope that day. Everything I’m going to be doing is going to be scrutinized. I’m fully expecting, at this point after the match, I’m not going to look at social media or have it on my phone. I’m already too much in my head to the point where I just want it to be good and I have to focus on making sure that I keep myself safe and make sure Britt is safe, and the pressure of having a match is wild to me. It’s a beautiful story, but it makes me nervous.”

It’s been almost 5 years since we last saw Saraya (formerly known as Paige) wrestle. Following a neck injury in December 2017, she was forced to retire. She was doing non-wrestling roles before we saw her jump from WWE to AEW this year. For the latest updates, stay tuned to Ringside News.

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Talha Asad Iqbal

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