Bret ‘The Hitman’ Hart is regarded as one of the most respected legends in the wrestling business. The Excellence of Execution commanded the respect of superstars of past and present. However, Bret still has beef with fellow WWE legend Goldberg over a past issue and now, WWE executive Road Dogg has told Bret Hart to let it go.

Bret Hart was the marquee attraction for the WWE in the mid 1990s. He reigned as the poster boy for the company, winning multiple championships and carving out a Hall of Fame worthy career. He moved to WWE’s chief competitor WCW in 1997 after infamous Montreal Screwjob, that led to his deparature from Vince McMahon’s company following failed negotiations.

The Pink and Black attack did not prove to be the same attraction in WCW as he was during his days in the WWE. Moreover, his career came to an abrupt halt during match with WWE legend Goldberg at WCW Starrcade 1999. During the bout, a nasty kick by the former WWE Universal Champion led to the Hitman getting concussed.

Bret Hart however won the World Heavyweight title in the match, but later had to vacate it due to injury that buried his wrestling career for good. Over the years, Bret has been vocal about his dislike for Goldberg. WWE Senior Vice President Road Dogg stated that the Canadian legend should let go off his disliking for Goldberg now. Road Dogg spoke on this on his Oh You Didn’t Know? podcast.


I think you do have to get over it and go, ‘it was an accident, man. Nobody meant to hurt anybody. I know Goldberg … I can’t imagine him having malice in his heart when any of this stuff went down. I see that as an accident, and I see that worthy of forgiveness and I think in time, maybe Bret will do that … In time, I think Bret will find forgiveness in his heart for even Goldberg.”

Goldberg has been top superstar for the both WCW and WWE during all of his runs. Despite his explosive move-set and connect with the WWE Universe, the Icon has been known to accidentally hurt his opponents in the ring from time to time due is in-experience as a professionally trained wrestler.

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