Road Dogg is veteran who has seen a lot during his whole career. Fans must have noted Road’s tendency to prioritize Big E on occasion due to their bond. Road Dogg recently admitted that Big E was his preferred choice for the WWE Championship before Kofi Kingston was selected.

During the most recent Oh You Didn’t Know podcast, Road Dogg said that he shot Big E a text recently, and things went well. Big E said that he is “blessed” despite everything in his life that could bring him down.

“I was just texting with Big E. He’s doing well. He was talking about how blessed he is. I hadn’t seen him in a while. I hadn’t heard from him. I was thinking about friends and family today for some reason and saw his number and thought, I’m gonna text Big E right now. He said he’s blessed and doing great.”

Road Dogg continued by praising Big E’s remarks. Dogg even threw forth a suggestion that Big E Mania win the WWE Championship, but this didn’t materialize, and Kofi was selected instead of Big E.


“When I wrote Smackdown, I wanted him to be the champion. I wanted him to be the champion of Smackdown. I actually pitched, and I’ve said this before, I actually pitched Big E Mania, and Kofi got the nod because of his time and service for lack of a better word or phrase. Kofi had been there, and look, it worked, maybe better than it would have with Big E. Only time will tell if and when he comes back and they put the title on him because he can cut great promos. He’s a great guy. He’s always in great spirits. Just an honor to be able to call him my friend.”

Even now, it appears that Road Dogg is rooting for Big E to triumph. He said that only time would tell when he will return and win the championship. What do you think about Road’s optimism? Keep checking Ringside News for more developments.

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Muskan Sharma

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