Marijuana is becoming big part of society, and those references haven’t stopped in pop culture as the years went on. Those references include WWE programming.

During the October 10th episode of WWE RAW, DX celebrated a big reunion. In the process, they dropped a pretty obvious weed job.

Triple H broke out a line where he said that it “smells funny in here.” Then he looked at his DX partners and asked, “is that you or is that from them?”

Road Dogg then told Triple H that the smell was coming from “Kaz” in the front row During the latest episode of ‘Oh, You Didn’t Know,” Road Dogg opened up about that segment a big.


“I did not say ‘That’s gas.’ I said ‘That’s Kaz.’ Because a guy that used to write for us, and [who] is a huge content creator in the hip-hop community, … ‘Kaz’ is his name. … He was sitting there [in] the front row with a bunch of friends of his, and they reeked of weed. The person at the hotel, when we got back said, ‘Did one of you guys fart in the ring?’ I was like, ‘Wait, no!’ Nobody farted. It was weed. The whole building smelled like weed.'”

The reference of “Kaz” by Road Dogg was apparently speaking about Kazeem Famuyide, who is a writer for The Ringer, and a former member of the WWE writing team.

In response to Road Dogg’s shout-out on national television, Famuyide tweeted out to say, “Lmao i don’t know what he’s talking about.” Obviously, it was all in good fun.

What’s your take on this weed joke during RAW? Sound off in the comments!

H Jenkins

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