R-Truth tore his quad tendon during his match against Grayson Waller last week on NXT. The incident took place when R-Truth went for a top rope dive and landed awkwardly resulting in the match being called off.

Earlier today, R-Truth posted a video on Twitter where he announced that he tore his quad and will be undergoing surgery in a few moments. This was obviously not the updated he wanted to give, but R-Truth promised that he will return.

As Ringside News‘ founder Steve Carrier noted on Twitter, the recovery time for such an injury is around six months, which means that he will be out of action until April depending on his recovery.

#RTruth announced on social media today that he tore his quad tendon and is going in for surgery today. Recovery time for that particular injury is around six months. That would put him out until at least April depending on recovery.”


Even with the six month recovery time, it could take additional time to pass WWE screening and get R-Truth back into rotation to be back on the road before you see him pop up on television.

It’s a shame that R-Truth’s injury came at a time when he was just receiving more screen time and was even getting over with the fans. It will be interesting to see if WWE still continues to push him after he returns from injury.

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