Fans were shocked to see Jeff Jarrett’s debut on the November 2nd episode of AEW Dynamite, along with his signature guitar. What was even more shocking was when Tony Khan announced him as the new Director of Business Development in a tweet hours later. It seems there’s an update on Jarrett’s Backstage Role in AEW.

Tony Khan’s announcement mentioned how Jarrett will help to expand AEW’s live events calendar. According to the latest edition of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, house shows are not on AEW’s agenda right now, but Double J is around for those possible plans.

“Behind the scenes, Jarrett’s role is to both help AEW when it comes to international business, as well as possibly house shows. Right now there are no definitive plans for AEW to do house shows, but a lot of the wrestlers on the roster would like to wrestle more and have expressed interest in them.”

Earlier this year, Jeff Jarrett rejoined WWE in May 2022 as the Senior Vice President of Live Events. After Vince McMahon was ousted from the Chairman position and Triple H took over, Jeff Jarrett was let go by the company in favor of “Road Dogg” Jesse James.


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