Hornswoggle made his debut in 2006 as a cackling fiend who capered out from under the ring to wreak havoc on the opponents of fellow countryman Fit Finlay. Bruce Prichard recently revealed how former WWE Superstar Hornswoggle, known as Little Bastard at the time, reacted he was busted saucing it up in 2007.

WWE had to film a pre-taped segment featuring Hornswoggle, and Prichard was tasked with overseeing the angle. The WWE executive mentioned that Swoggle was supposed to come out of a bathroom door. Prichard even remembered seeing a few four-packs of Guinness beer around the site.

Prichard revealed that Hornswoggle couldn’t stop gulping them down during the taping. Hornswoggle was still underage at the time, and he quickly felt the negative effects of the alcohol in his system. Prichard revealed that Swoggle kept making mistakes during the pre-tape as he soon figured out that he was actually in an inebriated state.

We had these four-packs of Guinness. So every time he came out, it looked like he was drinking a Guinness. Well, he is doing it, and he keeps screwing up, keeps screwing up, and we keep doing it over and over and over again. And then I realized, man, he is hammered.


Bruce Prichard decided to look into Swoggle’s strange behavior and was surprised to find several empty beer cans in the bathroom. Back then, the Undertaker was the locker room leader, and Hornswoggle reportedly begged Prichard not to tell the Deadman about what had happened. Unfortunately, The Undertaker was the first WWE Superstar Swoggle encountered following the incident.

And I go in, and I’m like, ‘Dylan, have you been drinking in there?’ ‘Um, no, sir.’ ‘Dylan, tell me the truth.’ And I walked into the bathroom, and I looked at the four-packs; they were all empty. So, he’s had like, I think, five of the Guinness and stuff, and he doesn’t drink at this point. Oh my god, all he asked was, ‘Please, just don’t tell The Undertaker.’ I didn’t have to, ‘Taker came in. And I said, ‘Tell him, Dylan.’ [laughs].

While “Mr. McMahon’s illegitimate son” was sorry for his actions, he received a much harsher punishment, according to Prichard. Surprisingly, The Undertaker’s reaction was similar to a father disappointed in his son, which is exactly what Swoggle hoped wouldn’t happen. “The little fellow couldn’t drink much. No, no [on if Hornswoggle was taken to the wrestler’s court],” Prichard said.

Much worse. It’s like, you know, what do you fear more? Your dad finding out, and he is just disappointed in you. And it was like; there was no punishment because Dylan was ready to be punished. He knew he’d done wrong. Instead, ‘Taker just shook his head in utter disappointment and shame.

During The Undertaker’s reign, backstage spats and controversies were frequently settled in the wrestler’s court. However, Hornswoggle was fortunate enough to avoid the entire ordeal. To get the latest updates, keep an eye on Ringside News.

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