Alexa Bliss is the crème de la crème of the women’s division in WWE. Bliss has worked hard throughout the years to prove herself in front of the fans. This experience has made her realize that wrestlers in Halloween gear are not in vogue anymore.

A fan recently tweeted out praising how good Alexa looks in Halloween gear. The GIF consisted of the former Women’s Champion in Freddy Kreuger attire for the festive occasion. Bliss took the time to reply to the fan letting him know that Halloween costumes aren’t that “fun” these days.

“Used to love having themed gear! Now so many themed gears out there. Doesn’t feel as fun anymore”

The fan replied to her comment, implying that she was the trendsetter when it came to Halloween costumes. Bliss said that when she first started appearing in such costumes, no other athlete was doing it. Another fan later chimed in to affirm that she is still the best at it.


Bliss is interacting with fans since she’s been out of action with WWE. Many fans believe this could be in line with Bliss possibly joining Bray Wyatt’s possible Wyatt6 faction. The company could be keeping her off RAW while the creative team devises a new storyline for her.

In May, Bliss made a comeback on WWE television. Since then, she has participated in a great deal of competition and feuds. She has also been working on projects outside WWE to keep herself occupied.

It’s great to see Bliss interacting with fans that love her. We have all seen how she reacts to those who wish to ruin her day with some kind of trolling.

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