Thunder Rosa got sidelined since late August due to a back injury. The AEW Women’s World Champion wants to make comeback to the ring in January. However, she is still furious about having to respond to her detractors even if she is ill.

Rosa recently made an appearance on Busted Open Radio. It appears that she was responding to comments made by Toni Storm, the interim AEW Women’s World Champion, about wanting to put an end to the “interim title nonsense” because she is “doing the work” every week.

I am still hurt. They haven’t given me a time yet when I’m coming back. I’m saying it’s January and I hope it is January. And again, if Toni Storm disagrees with what was decided in the back, that is not my problem. When I get better, I will still be the champion if my boss lets me be the champion. If he doesn’t, I will be okay with that decision too, because I don’t make the rules and that needs to be said.

Rosa explained that she will get an epidural in the coming two weeks, after which she may start getting ready to go back to work in January. Rosa said that there are “widespread lies going on in different parts and I’m part of these rumors of whatever.”


Despite not being on TV for two months, she said, the Storm comments were not unexpected because she was frequently discussed in the media, whether favorably or unfavorably. Rosa also discussed how she had planned to gather more money for the Uvalde school shooting victims, but was unable to do so. Stay tuned to Ringside News for the latest news and updates.

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