Goldberg is certainly a legend in the pro wrestling business, especially making a name for himself during WCW. Since his initial retirement from professional wrestling in 2004, fans have been debating who would be the successor of the former WCW and WWE World Heavyweight Champion Goldberg. Bron Breakker has most recently surfaced in such talks. Goldberg also has no issue with Bron Breakker using The Spear.

Due to his physical resemblance to Goldberg, his tremendous power, and his arm tattoo in the style of Goldberg, the “NXT” Champion seems to be the ideal successor. In a recent appearance on the Roman Atwood Podcast, Goldberg supported the analogies.

He’s me, basically. They wanted him to Jackhammer people. I love this kid. He went up and he tried to play for Baltimore, I think he was a free agent for the Ravens. The kid is unbelievably athletic, but he’s one of the smartest kids, man. He’s knowledgeable in the business because he grew up with it. I was hanging out with him and his dad when he was [Goldberg’s son] Gage’s age. Now look at him.

Goldberg also recalled a conversation he had recently over the phone about the wrestling business with the “NXT” Champion. “He’s like ‘Man, if Gage ever needs anybody to make a phone call for him, I’ve got a rolodex of these coaches.’ I’m like, ‘Is this really Steiner’s son man?’ I remember when he was Gage’s age. It’s cool, it’s cool how it’s all cyclical and we’re all taking care of each other. You’ve got great friends and a great group, even through the generations, they all take care of each other.”


He also observed Breakker use Goldberg’s trademark move, the Spear. Breakker is also the son of one of Goldberg’s best friends, Rick Steiner. He previously mentioned Goldberg as one of the individuals he looks up to in the industry. Listen to the podcast below.

What’s your take on Goldberg being cool with Bron Breakker using The Spear? Sound off in the comments!

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